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Qinghai Lake stops photographers using drone

April 3rd, 2016 — 11:03am

If we look at the recent past, sleek drones are making the headlines – and not really for good reasons every time. Recently, it has been reported that authorities are barring the use of drones to take photograph of wildlife Qinghai Lake, which is the largest inland lake in China, due to cares over animal welfare.

Qinghai Lake

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Brennan gets appreciation from all corners

April 1st, 2014 — 4:24pm

Thirty year old Laura Brennan from Ferring established her very own business named Cherry Red Photography in the year 2012. She now concentrates on family portraits, newborn babies as well as weddings. This year, she became a part of just 80 people to be honored by Guild Of Professional Photographers.

Becoming qualified calls for a rigorous assessment procedure as it is not just the photographic talent, but service has also been thought about as well. Mrs Brennan told that she did not really realize how much of a huge deal this was at first. She joined Guild of Professional Photography to back her up in her business and because she wanted to get a mentoring scheme set up so that she could improve more.

She added that when she handed her twenty snaps, she was told that she did not require a mentor. She was also told that she was better than others. That came as a surprise because she is her worst critic. Still she is just more than thrilled to have gotten this recognition. Now, it is really wonderful to see her hard work paying off and being appreciated. She is thankful to her family members, friends as well as clients for their continuous encouragement and support. To get something like this is really amazing.

Mrs Brennan analyzed A-level white and black darkroom photography after she attended Davison High School for Girls. It was not till the year 2007 when she purchased herself an SLR shooter when she started thinking about pro photography.

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Plymouth primary pupils photography

January 20th, 2014 — 9:21am

An exhibit would showcase the snaps clicked by talented young photographers in Plymouth. The exhibit called The Camera Kids open evening would take place on 30th January, Thursday, at the City Business Park on Somerset Place in Stoke. From 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm, the public would be able to come and see approximately two hundred snaps clicked by kids from throughout the city, as part of projects and after school clubs.

This is also expected that Lord Mayor Cllr Vivien Pengelly would be there at the exhibit. Russell Soper, the person who runs Camera Kids, stated that along with all the amazing snaps on display, some of the kids would run their own photo booth, where people could have their snap taken by them and printed out to take away.

He added that they would also make cameras from card and felt, and there would be a contest for kids to win a photography workshop for their school class. The Camera Kids is fun and educational and it also offers kids the scope of learning lots of new skills. Continue reading »

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Scotland photographer risks life to take wild snaps

November 6th, 2013 — 12:42pm

This is the time when David Yarrow, a wildlife photographer, confronted an adult brown bear in the Alaskan wilds. Self taught David stated that the face to face encounter was his moment of real fear in his journeys to some of the remotest places on the planet for his brand new book.

The face-off took place in Alaska’s Katmai National Park that is home to wild brown bears. According to reports, David Yarrow told that on his arrival in Katmai, every visitor are handed a thirty minute safety drill as to what to do in an unlikely event of an encounter takes place.

He added that the prescribed courses of action are all counter intuitive – people should not run away and they were told to talk to the bear as they move purposely but in a calm manner to one side. He added that visitors are also urged not to go alone through the forests in case of an encounter.

He stated that one day he did not follow the final instruction and walked through the forests alone along a way to his sea plane. At times, bears use these paths to go from one fishing point to another. When he turned a corner following a twenty minute walk through the forest, to he met with an approaching bear 80 yards away.

David Yarrows Encounter is published by Clearview, in tie up with conservation charity named Tusk, on 12th November.

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Wildlife photography competetion

September 20th, 2013 — 1:45pm

Florida Wild Mammal Association, which is a wildlife rehabilitation point located in Crawfordville, is patronizing a fund raiser photo competition. Two new categories have been included in this year. One is black and white and another one is macro. The other categories are flower/plant life, landscape, bird, other wildlife and altered.

Bird photographs can be of any bird species in any behavior or activity; other wildlife snaps can be of any wild animal apart from birds. Altered snaps can be of any species that has been changed by using photo editing softwares such as Photoshop. The subject of the snap must be recognizable.

Macro snaps are utmost close up photography technique, in which the subject’s size in the snap is greater than the actual life size. The subjects can be any place across the world. In each category, the entry fee is $10 and up to 3 entries can be submitted. In order to encourage more young shutterbugs to participate, the organizers have not set an entry fee for age seventeen and under.

Digital and printed entries will be accepted. Printed photographs can be mailed to the inverness architects.

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Talasco’s photos showcase

July 24th, 2013 — 10:49am

The next photography exhibit at West Yellowstone Public Library will have Pam Talasco’s works. The photography exhibit, called – Passion for the Wild – was selected by Talasco to portray her love of the natural world as well as being able to share her passion with other people through her photography.

She told that ever since she got her first camera, she always had a camera in her hands. Natural and wildlife photography are her passion, although she also has a passion for her man utd canvas. It is where he like to be. The lady from New Jersey was gifted her very first camera for Christmas and that time she was just 7 years old and she has not put a camera down since then.

She told that she got it from her great aunt and uncle who stay in New York. Talasco went to Yellowstone National Park for the 1st time in the year 1990 and went to town in 2008’s April. Now, she is the owner of SilverCloud Photography. Her snaps are sold at a several businesses throughout the town including Westmart.

Pam thanked Greg Forsythe, the Westmart owner, for giving her the scope to display as well as sell her work at the shop. Pan told that that is what really gave her the start there, for everyone else to come in and see it and to spread the word. She just greatly appreciate everything he has done for her.

John and Barbara Gerlach, other Nature photographers, can also helped in her photography.

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Mike Yip speaks at an event

May 13th, 2013 — 2:26pm

Mike Yip, a nature photographer and columnist from Vancouver Island will be the honored speaker at the 15th April 15 meeting of Comox Valley Horticultural Society. The meeting starts at 7 pm at Courtenay’s Florence Filberg Centre. Non members can also participate for a US$ 5 admission.

The evening event’s focus will be – Backyard and Garden Birds. Mike Yep told that in the spirit of sharing as well as promoting interest in nature, birds, and conservation, it is his pleasure to present Vancouver Island Bird. His target to foster much greater concern for conservation and nature and his remarkable photography skills does just that.

He inspires people all to become more concern of the magnificent array of birds of that they share the planet with. Yep retired from his teaching job in the year 2001 and found out photography and birding in the year 2003.

Since that time, he has made his very own own online magazine revealing his snaps and with his newest March edition totals around 380 journals. Mike Yep also writes a column for North Islander as well as lectures throughout the island. He has already self published 3 books and the last one was – Denman and Hornby Nature that was published in the year 2010, and it was inspired following many excursions with local conservationist and biologist Jenny Balke.

His book shows some of the sensitive ecosystems as well as uncommon fauna and flora on the islands that includes rare wild flowers.

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