Photography Tips and Tricks: Episode #5

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8 Responses to “Photography Tips and Tricks: Episode #5”

  1. Marianne Schlüter

    Warum gibt es die Tips und Tricks nicht in deutsch?
    vG Marianne


    mate , switch to canon 600exrt system and you r trigger free . they’re awesome!

  3. CaNeAnEaNe

    this show is goin’ even better

  4. Fairnite

    Yes you did

  5. Saravana Kumar

    where is episode 4, did i missed it

  6. Sandy Hansen

    Can you tell us again what wireless trigger you use Pete

  7. MsBlkmoses

    Thank you for the videos. Good work

  8. david martin

    Any tips for how to afford these expensive lenses. You people don’t live in the real world as far as most us. Tips and tricks for the rich more like!

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