Photography Tips and Tricks: Episode #2

Photography Movie Ranking: four / five

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3 Responses to “Photography Tips and Tricks: Episode #2”

  1. JoeGP85

    I have a Canon 550D (T2i) and i have no custom settings on my mode dial, so the only cameras that this works on would be the 60D and 7D ? not really a general tip, also you end up with 3x 0 stop images.

    The only people that don’t already know the advantages of Live View are those who never had it, like SLR and non live view enabled DSLR users, again not a general tip

    I’m not saying it’s a bad video but the tips need to be more general, not just for ppl upgrading to a 60D & 7D

  2. DeeJay AnoniM

    name of song ?

  3. phil lagettie

    Digging the new eps guys!
    Keep rocking!!!!

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