Photography Course – Digital Photography Tips, Tricks and Techniques – How To Be A Photographer

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25 Responses to “Photography Course – Digital Photography Tips, Tricks and Techniques – How To Be A Photographer”

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  2. vascobicker

    video thief

  3. herman deieters

    Hi. I just bought a Nikon D5100 and already have some nature photographs. Let me know what you guys? think (:


  4. TheRoyalFalcons

    I have samsung galaxy camera it have export mod ( m , s , p ,…. ) the highest speed shutter 1/2000 its good ?

  5. barneybongo1212

    Is an old 9mp Fujifilm any good to use?

  6. alfonso desideri

    Low light event photography

  7. CookiesFantasy2

    I know the very basics of photoshop, like how to change a colour of a photo, add a new layer, use clone stamp tool, add text, get rid of the freckles and acnes, and make gifs. is it enough to create beautiful pictures?I love taking pictures with my dslr camera and would love to hear more!! Reply please!

  8. Abdulrahman Saeed AL Menhali

    i always want to be a photographer but i don’t know from where i get the photoshop

    sad me 🙁

  9. dalton warden

    I can shit better pics than you!!!

  10. FergalMH

    This really helped thanks 🙂

  11. Celso Montalvo

    I’m sorry to say is out my reach at this point. Thank you for your awakening though.

  12. canonikon

    Is your software burn-able? I was just…wondering… ;)

  13. NewTRAlLERS

    This is 2013, taking cool pictures is not enough, you have to learn a 3d software.


    hi just curious, can i print the file out as a real paper book with the ebook file after paying? i really appreciate your tips and pictures so im gonna give it a try as a newbie in photography, but just wondering if that’s posible it would be even better for me 🙂
    Thanks really, btw.

  15. robinsoncruso01

    cool pics and thanks for the tips!

  16. napoleon589

    this is true, my friend has a better camera than mine but i still take better pictures than him.

  17. misspro123

    hey how can i get access to your photography course?

  18. aiphin90

    . awesome photography course dude!

  19. robettoable

    awesome video you take very creative pictures

  20. akirafan100

    awesome video you take very creative pictures

  21. yamaha1160

    hey i check out your photography course and i think its great for anyone who wants to take their photography to the next level.

  22. robinhood1415

    awesome video i just bought a dslr camera and this course is what i needed

  23. TheMRlucky2002

    if you want to succeed in photography you must be very creative

  24. baros675

    thank you for the tips:)

  25. mrloiify

    . i need to learn more, i will check out your course thank!

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