How to Photograph Model Outdoors using off- camera Flash

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25 Responses to “How to Photograph Model Outdoors using off- camera Flash”

  1. pikachusDeMoN

    sha sha sha was big tips , ty :)

  2. Cristian Lopez

    That’s is correct but when this kind of scenarios is presented where I have to balance my ambient with the flash (note the flash is being used as fill in and ambient is your prominent light) I use a density filter to cut some light so I can use a wider aperture, that is how you are basically able to use a wider aperture and bright sunlight and use flash as fill in, the density filter will cut some of that light coming thru the lens

  3. olokies

    personally, i also dont shoot with f4.0 above, but since this is flash, you only have a limit of 1/250 shutter speed, and you cant go above that, so, to compensate with the flash power, you increase the aperture (given shutter speed is already at 1/250) to avoid overexposure

  4. sodadoodah

    I always wondered two things about off-camera lighting. First, is there any benefit to using a diffuser on the flash? And second, how far away should the off-camera flash be situated from the subject? The video mentions 8 ft away and half power, but it looks like it’s pointed directly at the model (not bounced or anything).

  5. wj2713

    can t believe she said that lol,,,i guess she was jk

  6. TheMuffinRises

    he looks like John Barnes

  7. startphotography

    Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Cristian Lopez

    I don’t know if it’s my style but I never use and aperture of f/4 and above to shoot portrait. I find the background too busy for my taste, I like to get that shallow depth of field to bring my subject out. It just my opinion tho

  9. ptlofts

    Im really glad Ive found your channel. Great info here. Many thanks and greetings from Portugal. Pedro Bento

  10. Blahh137

    The 580ex 2 can use the master and slave setting so you don’t have to have an adapter

  11. xXChelluuXx

    I love him! He’s amusing and easy to follow 😀 <3

  12. yakuzachin88

    nice photo but shit hair.

  13. Marcoquarko71

    Thanks, it looks great!!

  14. hbrookes

    good one!!

  15. svv21

    Just in case you wonder what she said:

    “Nick you talk to much, im really cold and i want to go get warm a little bit. Youve had me here for all day long saying sha sha sha and im cold ok? so im leaving…”

    Hahahaha and he is just like… LOVELY 😀

  16. jerseyman9080

    BULLSHIT ..her face expression was enough to tell how much she was dying to get done and go away.

  17. Dechantis

    RUTH !!!!!!!!!!!

  18. kantinploro

    “Yo tengo frio, y yo me voy”…. jajaja.

  19. orien2k

    I agree … I’m not professional Photographer and i dont need Pro gear .. just something that lets me do cool stuff i dont need the 580EX when you say that with 80$ i can get one “better” Companys over-price things cause they can … and people will buy them stuff all the times untill there is a crasy ass company that makes the same things with lower prices 🙁

  20. flintloveless

    And for stands and umbrellas, go to Cowboy studios. I always heard bad things about them, but I bought their stand and umbrella set up and I swear by it. All this trash talk is getting in the way of people saving money and it’s starting to get old. I would never buy any stand from anyone else, unless it was cheaper and maybe someone trash-talks it? I’m tired of over-paying for stuff!!!!

  21. flintloveless

    Amazon for the Vivitar and for the Cactus v4. You have to get the v4 cause it uses AA batteries. Others use strange batteries that are hard to find. That’s what I could come up with really quick. I remember I got free shipping on both items, so if you’re on a tight budget, really search for deals! Maybe even a used Cactus would work fine. Can’t say for sure, but the next time I need one, I’ll buy used if possible.

  22. orien2k

    Sorry mate can u tell me a store thats sells that flash and that reciver/trigger?

  23. orien2k

    Thank you mate 🙂 already searching for it on the web 🙂

  24. LearnMyShot

    agree vivitar 285 is a great little thing. 

  25. flintloveless

    A Vivitar 285hv is like $80.  It puts out the same amount of light. You can’t go as low as 1/124th like the Canon 580ex, but when you’re shooting outside, you need as much power as you can. Vivitar 285hv, along with a wireless trigger and reciever like the Cactus V4 is perfect, and only $40. You could be shooting this stuff for less than $120, coming from a guy who bought that Canon 580 and then later bought a Vivitar. Outside, combating the sun, Vivitar is king.

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