How to Photograph a Model: Photo Studio Tips : Using Flash as Key Light for Photo Shoot

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25 Responses to “How to Photograph a Model: Photo Studio Tips : Using Flash as Key Light for Photo Shoot”

  1. JVLIVSPhoto

    I was at a workshop earlier today and what you said was pretty accurate. Though I don’t own any of this stuff, I was able to soak in a lot of information in relation to modeling and portrait as far as lighting goes. Those flash meters save a LOT of time. And time is a very important factor in this business. I’m still trying to just the basics of model photography so far…

  2. AZDesertGal

    Why are these people green?

  3. CALICOTV301

    Burt Reynolds takes photos now?

  4. CALICOTV301


  5. parabolicplacenta

    is it just me or is that jesus on the lcd screen on the camera? 1.26-1.29

  6. p4qu3r3tt3

    la modèle a un air très peu expressif et coincé …

  7. frusynesha

    asian bridals here # #

  8. dashwerks

    : LOL, learn to use your light mods, that scene in the video is a studio, a controlled evironment. using a shoot thru as a reflective type, will cause unwanted spill and contamination.  the guy in the video is a numnut! LOL

  9. ZioZambe

    : I’m talking about a different thing. Look for Ken Henderson on Youtube, he explains my point. Or David Hobby’s seminar, one of the bonus DVDs 🙂

  10. dashwerks

    : yes my point exactly, use the shoot thru, as a shoot thru (bigger light source) and a reflective as a reflective. if you use a shoot thru as a reflective will just be a waste, bouncing light around the studio, just like the video here. just watch this watch?v=aDuwvKwqTTU and understand more on quality of light, because you and like the video poster here, does know what the’re talking about

  11. ZioZambe

    : Man, David Hobby is the first to say what I just said aboud bouncing the light 🙂

  12. dashwerks

    : still wrong, you better watch some other updated lighting videos, like the one by prophotolife, david hobby, zach araias and joe mcnally.


    watch and learn

  13. ZioZambe

    : Bouncing and reflecting is not the same thing. Reflected light is generally harder and the apparent size of the light is difficult to understand because it’s the size of the original light plus the change caused by the reflection. On the other side when you bounce you can forget the original light (even the angle, it’s no longer a mirror like situation) because you’re creating a completely new light source.

    Anyway the shoot thru is kinder to the skin 😉

  14. dashwerks

    : soft light is determined by the aparent size of the light source in relation to the distance to the subject, a shoot thru is actually softer than a reflective, because you can get close to the subject.

    if your going to bounce it, use a reflective

  15. ZioZambe

    Because it’s softer

  16. Don Reed

    We used a mannequin for a few years thinking that we were going to save on the $100 per hour that we paid our models. Even though it did not need to sign contracts, eat and wear makeup, our customers preferred seeing real models.

    Thanks for the video.

  17. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyism

    or those Birdie seminars and Birdie TFCD sessions … GO Go Big Bird

  18. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyism

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  19. Furuly

    No, you can testfire with the camera. Then look at the picture if the lighting is good or not

  20. dashwerks

    why use a white shoot thru as a reflective, just a waste of output

  21. dashwerks

    why use a white shoot thru as a reflective, just a waste of output

  22. sumitino

    what happens if your particular situation, you dont want to shoot f11? what then?

  23. acapmex1

    do I need a Light meter, to make shades an sides of the face

  24. wxb200

    oh yeah, I surprised he didn’t edit the video with the correction…

  25. cory1337

    im sure he meant to say f stop at the end because if you listened he chose 1/125th as the shutter speed

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