Tamron How-to Pets Photography: Tips for Getting Great On-Location Shots of Your Pets

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19 Responses to “Tamron How-to Pets Photography: Tips for Getting Great On-Location Shots of Your Pets”

  1. pookystone2

    Were you using auto focus or manual for your action shots?

  2. David Dube

    I do agree with both of you as this is a ‘How-to’ video and the images should show quality results.

  3. jerseyman9080

    Not trying to open any argument but at point you are right that what her clients like but from view of one professional those photos are blurry and over exposed. She mentioned about focus on eye but not in 1 photo I could see good focus or detail in eye.

  4. Moira du Toit

    Good job, nice video, great tips :) 

  5. SWPetPhotography

    great video and great pix from a fellow dog lover and photographer!

  6. DarklightArt

    I admire your dedication to pets and their owners. I’ve been doing this for 40+ yrs and just wanted to “pipe-in” about what I discovered works well in harsh light with moving subjects. I use an ND filter when shooting f/2.8 or faster. It doesn’t decrease the ability to shoot as much as people believe. It also adds a richness to the images. Use an ND2 or ND4 and try it. You may be surprised at the results.

  7. David Centifanto

    Same music as Digital Rev. What and where is it from?

  8. David Dube

    Remember, it’s not about if you or I like them, its whether her clients like them.

  9. ky l

    practical advise

  10. ptlofts

    maybe she shoots Auto-mode. :P

  11. Carly Jordan

    great video! love that we got to walk in your shoes for the day and see how much time and effort you put into each shot. your style shines through in this video and its always wonderful to see someone doing what they love!

  12. runnerKristi

    This video was very helpful! Great tips about which lenses to use. I think the photos are beautiful!! Warm light oozing everywhere. LOVE! Thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

  13. piaffette

    Nice tips, lovely photos. If you check her website, you’ll see lots of great pet photography. The “overexposed skies” are an intentional part of the photographer’s style, used to get clean, bright modern shots. The dog is the star in every single photo. Lovely job!

  14. Bobbi Hartung

    I think these photos are beautiful and I really appreciate how important establishing a relationship with the pets is to the photographer.

  15. germonsta

    i think the pictures are overexposed …

  16. vcbabis

    It’s the same, because when camera focuses, lenses are always wide open. Only slow variable aperture zooms have a hard time to focus when zoomed because they are stopped down at 5.6 or 6.3.
    The problem shooting wide open is that with such shallow depth of field it’s easy to miss the focus when dogs or even you move slightly.

  17. robert nedir o

    Isn’t it harder to focus on moving dogs when it is wide open?

  18. xKmotx

    This is very informative, and your photos are awesome. Thanks!

  19. vcbabis

    Didn’t like the photos. Washed out and overexposed skies. Also not sharp at all cause she shoots wide open.

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