Qinghai Lake stops photographers using drone

If we look at the recent past, sleek drones are making the headlines – and not really for good reasons every time. Recently, it has been reported that authorities are barring the use of drones to take photograph of wildlife Qinghai Lake, which is the largest inland lake in China, due to cares over animal welfare.

Qinghai Lake

Several amateur photographers are scaring and disturbing the wildlife by flying drones in close proximity to animals to have a magnificent shot, said a Qinghai Lake administrator. The lake, situated in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in China, is home to over 100000 birds of various kinds, including geese, swans, ducks and gulls.

Earlier this month, a witness told that the Manchester reward scheme website that he saw a drone flying over a few centimeters heads of sleeping swans. The birds were in shock and they immediately flew away. The news sparked an outcry on socal networking sites with a daily reporting that the amount of swans is shrinking dramatically after they were disturbed by the flying drones.

Qinghai Lake National Reserve Administration director He Yubang said a leading newspaper that when the growing use of drones does trouble wildlife at Qinghai Lake, the swan number is not going down and if there was any decrease it would preferably be triggered by the weather and climate change instead. To save wildlife, flights of the drones have been stopped over the lake. The authorities have also posted warning signs all over the area and they have asked to stay away at least five hundred meters from the animals.

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