Photography Tips & Tricks: Ep. 17

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11 Responses to “Photography Tips & Tricks: Ep. 17”

  1. Neil Franklin

    Jesus ….at one point you can see the smoke coming out of her left ear as
    her walnut sized brain starts to overload … This strikes me as a girl who
    struggles to walk and chew gum at the same time……….

  2. Mark Coons

    Great tips from Tony Corbell!

  3. Kenneth Cusse

    awesome tips, not overwhelmed with too much, just a nugget or two, easily

  4. Morten Obbink

    Nice tip on the autofocus. The samething you can adjust on the 5d mark III

  5. Kerry L

    Great tips from Tony!

  6. Melissa Grover

    Great info yet again gentlemen^^ Thank you!

  7. Tom Loates

    Great info, thanks RC

  8. Ilian Dinev

    Nice tip for the light ! Thanks guys !

  9. lalomanpsp

    the face of the girl trying to understand the physics of light haha

  10. Jo jumean

    Thanks, guys

  11. llangypetes

    very nice light tips:)

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