Photography Tips: Composition & Camera Angles – Filmmaking Tutorial 14

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25 Responses to “Photography Tips: Composition & Camera Angles – Filmmaking Tutorial 14”

  1. Richard Baker

    Sweeet. I really learnt a lot from this video. Thanks´╗┐

  2. gautham sidharth

    Wow, It is a very good and great stuff. He is helping a lot. Thanks to Tom

  3. CharlieFastHorseHD

    shut the hell up.

  4. FeedBurner

    You could have said CHEST instead of Breast! I believe that’s a guy in the
    video. 1:13

  5. BilkaSmile

    4:50 sec, Why Your teeth so yellow !!! , he checked his teeth and said ”I
    don’t know”. Lol

  6. MrWIERDproductions

    That was awesome

  7. Karla Lav

    This is very helpful! :) thanks! :)

  8. DryIce7

    Fantastic stuff.

  9. lapetitemeow

    Can’t help but notice, his eyelashes are so nice……

  10. P Maximus

    These tutorials are pure gold, I’m definitely buying your dvd and everyone
    else should too since you’re giving us so much more knowledge for free!
    Thanks a lot man!

  11. HardcoreMontoya

    Exelent..! 0 negatives Votes.!

  12. AidanThomas8

    what kind of camera do u use…or recommend?

  13. CrazyLassi

    Do lenses “apply” for a home camera? (Sorry I’m new)

  14. Dallas Bagley

    Wouldn’t the medium 2 shot be above the waist? Just asking.

  15. 7dCamera2

    wasn’t expecting this to be that great but nice explanation!

  16. lunaislife

    Oh and you just addressed a confusion I have had for over 6 years now but
    never could place it

  17. SwagbucksLover150

    please please please reply i need help with my tv its not hd at all and it
    says it is /watch?v=G7kzzCp7PA4

  18. DirtyHunGoneWild

    good video

  19. BikuDAA Entertainment

    This is a great tutorial…It helped me to decide on lenses! Thanks Tom!

  20. Tom Antos

    @lacamaradetodd If you have a really good and fast zoom lens then it doesnt
    matter. But usualy prime lenses such as 16, 50 and 100mm are faster and
    sharper then zooms

  21. Tom Antos

    @Layziel No hardrive connection as far as I know. I just simply buy more
    memory cards swap them as needed. I own 6 16gig cards which is more than
    enough for a day of shooting.

  22. robinlewisadl

    Amazing video man, thanks!

  23. Tom Antos

    @GyzelFilmz Yeah. u can control the DOF using 3 things… Apareture,
    distance to subject and lens size. For deeper DOF close the aperature as
    much as you can… stand as far as you can from the subject as you can and
    then also use the widest lens you have. I will be posting a tutorial with
    examples of that the following week.

  24. brunoavida

    Hi! I’m from Brazil. because it took the subtitles?

  25. aerozg

    Excellent video, just what i was looking for! Clear and concise
    explanations, coupled with some example footage, it gets across really
    well. Thanks for sharing!

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