How to Photograph Star Trails at Night

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25 Responses to “How to Photograph Star Trails at Night”

  1. Sara Saeed

    Hello, Thanks so much for this great effort and information but can you
    help me because i dont know which video to see first i bought a new camera
    canon D600 and am completely a beginner, i watched the way i should hold
    the camera with. and the aperture video and i dont know the appropriate
    sequence to learn precisely Thanks in advance 🙂

  2. PhotographersOnUTube

    You have to shoot in bulb mode. I’ve done a video on bulb mode as well.

  3. Rodrigo Andrade

    Hey buddy,yes you’re right the max is 30 seconds,but your camera have a
    “bulb” mode which alow you to take the picture at any time you want. But
    you do want to use a remote shutter control to have the steady and not out
    of focus image. 🙂

  4. PhotographersOnUTube

    I’ll try not to next time. 🙂

  5. ucandothis1

    Wow, great ideas. thank you so much.

  6. alexthebug

    his pictures are amazing! thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Calum Gordon

    So do you need a filter for it? A dark one….. Obviously….. ?

  8. Spencer Stenberg

    Great video, helped a lot!

  9. rezjrprod

    battery grip is a good idea but a well charged battery will work for 45
    mins. Did it with my t3I but have a battery on stand by..always good to
    have a backup

  10. i08Boy

    For people asking for how to change exposure to 30″ + you have to you bulb.
    If you scroll the exposure it end at bulb. It helps you choose your manual
    exposure until you let go of the release button. Hope it helped. (:

  11. miguel go

    hey i am 12 and a an amateur photographer and can you plz plz plz do a
    video on the nikon d60 showing what settings to properly do night

  12. PhotographersOnUTube

    Star trails are much more complicated than setting the camera down and do
    long exposure in my opinion. In fact I could photograph just the stars with
    no problem but with star trails I’d have to do some planning. Viewfinder is
    normally used during the day. At night there isn’t enough light for it to
    really mess up the exposure. Robert and I did talk about noise reduction
    option we just forgot to mention it.

  13. Boba Tube

    Great video… I love it!!! Thanks for all the great tips.

  14. rezjrprod

    possibly but it wont reducse as much noise as in camera…Ive tried both
    and ive found that in camera seems to work much better…it creates a black
    frame and finds the noise and reduces it…

  15. Lord Sword

    45 min exposure ?! u cant do it with the Canon 650D right ?! as far as i
    know u can do only 30 seconds ?!

  16. rezjrprod

    make sure you have high ISO noise reduction and long exposure noise
    reduction on…with long exposure noice reduction you will see that it will
    take as long as the shot you took to reduce the noise and hot pixels..where
    you trying to do star trails? F11 will not get good star trails..ISO 200 is
    high too..I stick with ISO 100 when doing star trails at all times like I
    said on the video.

  17. Deepan Chakravarthy V

    hey !! awsumm vid 🙂 . i hav a nikon d5200 n juz strtd gettin into night
    photography n star gazing !! i get that we hav to use bulb mode !! is there
    a remote control i could use ?? pls suggest

  18. Dustin Revel

    Good video but you say “right” ten thousand times

  19. sniperslayer

    So what kind of lense is he using? where are you focusing? will a 50mm 1.8
    suffice or do you want telephoto? I have the 50mm, the kit lense and a

  20. PhotographersOnUTube

    I hope he is reading your comment. I think he is going out again to
    photograph the trails. I’m sure he’ll post them on his facebook page along
    with POUT facebook page. Thanks for watching! 🙂

  21. ralle474

    Is it possible to reduce noise in post processing?

  22. bishaw77

    Hi J, still waiting in ur email. been a while mate. will look forward 2 it.

  23. creativenativeNC

    I am grateful for your detailed tips and clear instructions. I look forward
    to taking star trail photos now.

  24. Elimnio

    usual a remote control for the shutter is the answer! 😉

  25. Kwong thian fong

    Why cant I go to your facebook’s profile ?

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